As one of the quality manufacturers of sewing threads and industrial yarns, Triveni Textiles presence extends in India & abroad.

It is not simply the scope of our operations that makes Triveni Textiles a world-class company. That distinction comes from our dedication to providing our customers with the finest products and services, at the highest quality, delivered anywhere.

Triveni Textiles asserts its decade old commitment to its customers, producing high quality goods by embracing contemporary quality principles and practices. These principles have produced an environment that stimulates individual empowerment and initiative. Such a culture enables us to be a product innovator, a creator of consistent and reliable high quality products, and a company that delivers our comprehensive product line to customers right on time.

Our business policy coversthree important areas - product, people and process. Integrity and a sense of confidence pervade all three areas and is part of our commitment to our customers. We start by hiring the right people, then we look for the best possible place from which we can serve our customers with great perfection.

We've defined and adopted a work policy that ensures all Triveni staff & associates understand and adhere to the highest standards of conduct, and that we provide our customers with consistent quality, service and value throughout all markets.